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We are currently sold out of all livestock.  
Please check back for updates.


Idaho Pasture Pigs

We raise registered Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP’s) and sell registered piglets for breeding stock and unregistered piglets as feeders.

The Idaho Pasture Pig is a medium sized breed of pig developed in 2006 with ongoing selection to breed to the stated ideal standards. The Idaho Pasture Pigs are exceptionally friendly, have a calm disposition, and has been bred to graze instead of root.


Beef Cattle

We raise Hereford and Limousine cross cattle for beef.


They are grass fed and grass finished here on the homestead and are only fed hay in the winter that we produce ourselves.

Our cattle spend their days the way God intended. Grazing in our pastures and enjoying the beautiful climate of the Ozarks.


Jersey Cattle

We LOVE our Jerseys. We have 2 registered Jersey’s to supply our own dairy needs and to be able to sell amazing Jersey heifers to other small farms and homesteads.

The Jersey cow ranges from 880 to 1,100 lbs.


Factors contributing to the popularity of the breed are:


Smaller size than other dairy cows and superior             grazing ability


Calving ease


High fertility


High butterfat (4.84%) and protein (3.95%).


Coturnix Quail

We raise a variety of colors of Jumbo Coturnix Quail both for egg production and for meat.

We currently sell live birds, fertile hatching eggs and eggs for consumption.

The Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica, also known as the coturnix quail is a species of quail found in East Asia. The Japanese quail has played an active role in the lives of humanity since the 12th century.

New Zealand Rabbits

We have been raising rabbits on our homestead for over a decade! We are currently raising New Zealand meat rabbits and have many litters throughout the year.

New Zealands are medium to large rabbits. Bucks (males) weigh 9–11 lb (4.1–5.0 kg), while the does (females) weigh 10–12 lb. New Zealand are the most widely raised rabbit for meat production.

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