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In 2012, our family decided there had to be a better, more fulfilling way to live than to be stuck in the 9-5 rat race of corporate America.  

At the time, we were living in the Phoenix, AZ area and both had "good" jobs by most people's definition.  Kevin worked in sales and Sarah as a human resources executive.  We found ourselves wanting so much more out of life than how we were living at the time.  

We sold our house in a nice subdivision and purchased an old run down urban farm.  We continued to work at our corporate jobs but on the weekends and evenings we started to learn how to raise animals, grow our own food, preserve food and how to live simply and debt free.  We worked very hard to pay off all of our debts including our mortgage.  

Then in 2016, we made the biggest (and best) decision of our lives.  We both quit our jobs and moved from Arizona to the Missouri Ozarks with our daughters to be full-time homesteaders and farmers.   We now live a life that is both enjoyable and fulfilling.  It allows us time to grow in our faith and raise our family in a way that we had only dreamed of. 


We are glad you want to be part of our story.  


God Bless!

Kevin & Sarah


We Raise

Grass Fed Beef Cattle, Jersey Dairy Cattle, Idaho Pasture Pigs, Free Range Chickens, Free Range Ducks, Jumbo Coturnix Quail and New Zealand Meat Rabbits 

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