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How we QUIT our jobs to homestead full-time!

Quitting our traditional corporate America jobs and embracing full-time homesteading was a significant decision that took us 7 years to fully achieve.

No matter your age or life stage we believe this is achievable!

This article is a synopsis of the video below, we encourage you to watch for more information!

It's crucial to understand that this wasn't an overnight decision for us. In fact, quitting our jobs was the last step in a long-term plan. It's easy to talk about leaving your job, but it's a different story to actually do it.

We spent seven years meticulously working the steps in our plan before reaching the point of quitting our jobs. We knew to achieve our goal we needed to become completely debt-free. When we made this decision, we owned a large house with a hefty mortgage in Gilbert, Arizona. We realized downsizing was essential for our homesteading dreams. Although we incurred a small loss by selling that house, the reduced mortgage allowed us to purchase a smaller house (still in the city) with a little land, significantly reducing our financial burden.

Paying off our mortgage quickly became the top priority. By downsizing and consistently making extra payments toward the principle, it was amazing by how rapidly we could reduce our debt. Each time we had extra income, we directed it towards our mortgage.

Alongside our debt-free journey, we transitioned into a lifestyle where we lived far below our means. We made conscious choices to forego vacations, opt for used items instead of new ones, and save wherever possible. Following the philosophy advocated by financial expert Dave Ramsey, we were committed to living like no one else, so one day we could live like no one else!

Along with becoming debt free, before we quit our corporate jobs, we wanted to save a buffer equivalent to two years' worth of our family's expenses. This ensured that when we made the leap into full-time homesteading, we could focus on developing our businesses without the constant pressure of making ends meet. To estimate our expenses accurately, we created a comprehensive list, also accounting for all necessary elements to start our homestead, such as infrastructure, animals, and two years' worth of feed costs. Just like any business, we kept our homesteading business funds separate from our personal family budget, allowing any surplus to remain in the business account.

Before we could quit our jobs, we knew we needed a solid business plan. We approached homesteading as a business, identifying various income streams. We explored opportunities like farmers markets, livestock sales, crafting items from our homestead, selling on platforms like Etsy, and even starting a blog. Diversification was crucial to ensure that if one income stream faltered, we could rely on others.

Initially, we began sharing our homesteading journey through a blog, but we quickly transitioned to YouTube, which has now become another steady source of income for our homestead.

When we reached debt-free status, saved two years' worth of expenses and business investment, and prepared our business plan, we were finally ready to sell our Arizona homestead and take the long worked for leap. We purchased our homestead in Missouri outright, without incurring any debt.

We believe anyone can achieve the goal of homesteading full time. Everyone's journey will look different, with different hurdles and goals. Although your path may differ from ours, it's never too early to start taking steps toward making your dreams a reality. Regardless of your life stage, with careful planning and determination, you can create the life you envision for yourself and your family.

Thank you so much for stopping by our homestead.

Take care and God Bless,

Kevin & Sarah


enjoying all your content! thank you!


love your channel, God bless!

Bob Brown

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