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Idaho Pasture Pigs

After many years of raising pigs, we found the perfect breed for small homesteads like ours. The Idaho Pasture Pigs!

The Idaho Pasture Pig is a medium sized breed of pig developed in 2006 as a cross between Duroc, Old Berkshire, and Kunekune. The Idaho Pasture Pigs are exceptionally friendly, have a calm disposition, and hav been bred to graze instead of root.

Even though IPP's are considered a medium-sized breed, they finish out for the butcher in a similar timeframe as a standard market hog. The mature breeding size of an IPP is much smaller than a standard hog which, in our opinion, makes them less intimidating.

IPP's are also very friendly and continue that disposition even as mature breeders. IPP's are “pasture” pigs, or “grazing” pigs, that love to eat grass which can be a good portion of their diet. Their noses are upturned so they root very little. Unlike other pasture pig breeds, the IPP's finish out to butcher weight quickly.

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Sarah Lango
Sarah Lango
May 08, 2023

Price of a boar and a gilt

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