Specializing in Meat Rabbits

for the Family Homestead!

To learn about the history of the heritage breed Silver Fox Rabbits visit the Livestock Conservancy here.

We are currently raising and breeding purebred Silver Fox and New Zealand/Californian Cross Rabbits.  We have been breeding rabbits for meat for many years and take great pride in the quality of the meat our rabbits will produce.  If you are interested in purchasing rabbits from us, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Please note that we do not ship rabbits.  We are located in SW Missouri and pickup arrangements must be made in this area.  

Current Pricing:

$40 per rabbit for Silver Fox Rabbits.

$20 per rabbit for New Zealand/Californian Cross.


If You are Interested in raising rabbits for meat or pets, we suggest you watch our FREE video series below!

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