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Mailing Address:
Living Traditions Homestead
PO Box 323
Ava, MO 65608
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Before reaching out, we invite you to view our FAQ's which may help answer your questions. 

  • Do we accept visitors or tours?
    As we are sure you can understand, with nearly 800,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, we get a lot of requests for visitors on our homestead. While we would love to accommodate everyone, for the safety and privacy of our family, we do not have visitors to the homestead until we develop a relationship with them.
  • Do you have a recommendation for a realtor in the Ava area?
    We do! We are happy to say that our son-in-law Gavin is a licensed realtor in Missouri. Gavin has lived in the Ava area his entire life and is very familiar with the area and with farming/homesteading. He would be happy to show you properties in and around the Ava area. You can reach Gavin at (417) 250-1103 or by email at
  • Where do we get the black containers/buckets that we use for growing?
    The big tubs are called CrystaLyx tubs. They initially contain minerals for cattle. Most cattle farmers throw them away after they are empty. We have a lot of cattle farmers around here so for us they are easy to find. The plastic is a food grade plastic that does not contain BPAs and we feel safe growing food in them.
  • Do you sell American Bresse chicks, chickens, or fertile eggs?
    From time to time we will have American Bresse chicks, pullets, cockerels, and fertile eggs for sale listed here on our website. We update inventory and pickup dates as they are available, because we only have a small amount available each year, we do not keep a waiting list. When we are sold out, there will be an option to enter your email to receive a notification when they are "back in stock". All Chicks and Hatching Eggs will be sold on a first come basis. Visit our Homestead Shop We started our flock of American Bresse by purchasing chicks from North Star Farms. They have provided us with great quality birds. We do recommend North Star Farms
  • Do you sell Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPPs) for breeding? Feeder pigs?
    We no longer breed Idaho Pasture Pigs. We do think the breed is perfect for homesteaders and will continue to raise them as feeders for our family. If you are interested in purchasing IPP pigs as breeders or feeder pigs, we recommend contacting IPP breeders listed on the Idaho Pastured Pig Registry or members of the Idaho Pasture Pig Breed Association
  • Do you sell Jumbo Coturnix Quail chicks or fertile eggs?
    From time to time we will have Jumbo Coturnix Quai lchicks, breeding groups, and fertile eggs for sale. When we do, we will post them for sale on our social media accounts. They do go quickly, so make sure to check frequently. Because we only have a small amount available each year, we do not keep a waiting list. We started our flock of Jumbo Coturnix Quail by purchasing hatching eggs from Myshire Farm. They have provided us with great quailty birds. We do recommend Myshire Farm Recently we began raising Jumbo Meat Maker coturnix quail from AJ Farms They are also a great resource for quail hatching eggs.
  • What is the name of the weed fabric you use and where can we get it?
    We absolutely love the ease of gardening using the woven weed fabric. There are several places to get this fabric. Growers Solution: Polypropylene Woven Ground Cover Amazon: Dewitt SBLT3300 Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier
  • How can we get a copy of your rabbit cookbook?
    We offer a Rabbit Cookbook that includes 25 of our family's favorite rabbit recipes. We currently offer the cookbook on Amazon as a Kindle Book ( and it is available for purchase here on our website in our Shop as a digital PDF download. Visit our Homestead Shop We do not have a printed version of the cookbook at this time.
  • What are your favorite types of tomatoes to grow?
    Kevin loves to eat tomatoes and Sarah loves to grow and can tomatoes. Our favorite tomato variety for fresh eating, canning tomatoes and tomato juice are Jet Star tomatoes. Favorite tomato for sauces is the Salvaterra's Select. Favorite cherry tomatoes are Large Red Cherry and Juliet. We purchase most of our tomato seeds from,, and
  • Where do you buy your seeds?
    We purchase most of our tomato seeds from,,, and


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