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5 Expenses We Eliminated To Become Homesteaders!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Living Traditions Homestead, Today we want to talk about five expenses that we eliminated when we decided to become homesteaders. These were things that, after evaluating our spending habits, we realized were unnecessary and a waste of our money.

This article is a synopsis of the video below. Be sure to watch for all the details!

1. Cable TV

The first expense we cut was cable TV. We were spending a significant amount each month on a cable package that we didn't fully utilize. We only watched a few channels regularly, and it was becoming too expensive. In 2011, even before we became full-time homesteaders, we canceled our cable subscription. Instead, we invested in a good antenna, which allowed us to receive a surprising number of free channels. We also use a Roku device to access various streaming channels, including free options. Cutting cable not only saved us money but also helped us reduce our monthly bills.

2. Junk Food

Another expense we eliminated was junk food. We significantly decreased our grocery budget by cutting out soda, crackers, cookies, chips, and frozen processed foods. We opted for homemade meals using staples like flour, cheese, butter, and pasta. We focused on healthy, whole foods and saw positive changes in our health and well-being. By sticking to a wholesome homestead diet, we've lost weight and improved our overall health and have saved a ton of money.

3. Eating Out

We also gave up eating out regularly. When we had corporate jobs, we used to eat out for lunch every day, which added up quickly. Now that we work on the homestead full time, we prepare all our meals at home, except for one meal out per month as a special treat. This change has not only saved us money but has also fostered healthier eating habits and increased family bonding through shared meals.

4. Downsizing Vehicles

To further cut expenses, we decided to downsize our vehicles. We sold unnecessary vehicles, including a truck and a Harley, and now maintain one reliable family car and a farm truck. Being together on the homestead full time made having multiple vehicles unnecessary, and the reduction in insurance, gas, and maintenance costs has been a significant savings.

5. The Best Things in Life are Free - Finding Fun at home

Lastly, we reduced our entertainment expenses. We stopped spending money on activities like going out to the movies, bowling, or other costly outings. Instead, we found alternative forms of entertainment that were either free or very inexpensive. Our entertainment now revolves around nature, spending time together as a family, swimming in the creek, fishing, or simply enjoying the simple pleasures of homestead life.

These are just a few examples of the expenses we cut when we became homesteaders. We believe in learning from and supporting each other, so we would love to hear about the changes you've made or any other ideas you have for making this lifestyle easier and more affordable.

Let's build a community where we can all grow and thrive in our pursuit of a traditional and sustainable life.

Thanks so much for stopping by our homestead!

Take care and God Bless,

Kevin & Sarah


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