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Coturnix Quail

One of the newer animals we've added to the homestead are quail. We raised them for a very short time at our urban homestead in the Phoenix area and

really enjoyed them. When we decided to begin raising them again here in Missouri, we quickly decided that Jumbo Coturnix quail were the direction we wanted to go. The jumbo quail are quite a bit bigger than standard quail.

Quail in general are very fast growing. They hatch in 18-20 days, are ready to process for meat around 8 weeks, and they are sexually mature and

begin laying eggs around 8 weeks as well. We raise “Jumbo Meat Maker” Coturnix Quail both for egg production and for meat. The Coturnix Quail are originally from Japan and are not indigenous to the United States. Many of the native quail breeds require special licensing and permitting by the local Department of Natural Resources. Because the Coturnix Quail are not native, they can be raised without the special permitting.


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