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New Zealand Rabbits

Updated: May 17, 2023

We have been raising rabbits on our homestead for over a decade! They were the very first meat animal we produced for ourselves. We've raised New Zealand White rabbits, Californian Cross rabbits, and Silver Fox rabbits. We are currently raising New Zealand white meat rabbits and have many litters throughout the year.

New Zealands are medium to large rabbits. Bucks (males) weigh 9–11 lbs. while does (females) weigh 10–12 lb. New Zealand rabbits are the most widely raised rabbit for meat production. Litters average 8 kits per litter. They are ready for the freezer in about 10 weeks. They are a fast, prolific, and economical option for raising your own meat.

Occasionally we have trios available for local pickup. When we do they will be listed in our Homestead Shop. Visit the Shop for updates!

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Jim Schell
Jim Schell
Apr 14, 2023

Well... looks like the American Bresse Chickens are getting all the comment love so......have to put something here for the bunnies!!!! I do hope to purchase both from you at some point in the future. probably chickens first and then rabbits. Thank you for all you do Kevin and Sarah!!! You both ROCK!!!!!

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