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Beef Cattle

Updated: May 17, 2023

We keep a small herd of beef cattle that supplies our family with beef, produces some income for our family, and helps maintain our property.

We raise Limousine Hereford cross beef cattle. We currently have 10 mama cows, 4 of their heifers that will join our permanent herd, 1 steer that we're raising up for meat, and 1 registered Hereford bull.

Our hope is to keep our herd at about 15 mama cows and one bull. We breed our cows for calves that we sell at a local livestock auction. We also hold back steers here and there to grow up to butcher for our family's meat.

When we first started homesteading, we never envisioned that we would get into cattle. They were large and intimating. Neither of us grew up on farms, although dairy farms were all around us growing up in Wisconsin. Learning about cattle and owning a small herd has brought us so much joy.


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